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A New Digital Standard in Platform Technologies

Sanwire Corporation, is a diversified public company with a focus on innovative technology, having been involved in aggregating technologies for a number of years. We look for opportunities in fragmented markets, where technology can be applied to consolidate services into a single platform of delivery.


Today, Sanwire's flagship asset is its' wholly owned subsidiary, Intercept Music Inc.

Intercept Music sells and markets its product offering, utilizing the Software as a Service ("SaaS") model. In the crowded music marketplace today, 12 million artists are competing for fans and audiences that have almost unlimited access to music, whether from streaming services or online retailers. Intercept's software platform delivers an unsurpassed combination of distribution, marketing and expert coaching, empowering artists to connect with new audiences, measure their results and distribute and monetize their music like never before.

Are You Ready to Accelerate Your Digital Business Worldwide?

Sanwire will find shareholder value by building its balance sheet through growth within its subsidiaries. Currently, our primary focus is on developing our sole, 100% wholly owned Intercept Music Inc.    

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